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Sharing a piece of Mexico with the world

Colección Mexico was born with the passion and desire to bring a piece of Mexico to the whole world. My name is Mariana Mendoza, I studied international business, and since then my friends and family encouraged me to start a business importing products from China and selling them in Mexico. I gathered a couple of friends and we began to investigate and create different business plans, from beauty products to gym equipment, among many others, who remained half way,  for this reason I decided to look for what I was really passionate about.  

Working in an forwarding company I discovered the world of wines and it was then that a great interest and passion for the industry was born in me. I once tried to start a business in the wine industry, but something else was missing. Talking with a friend, she presented me  a Huichol art project and I began to see the great wealth we have in our country in art that was being underpaid and underestimated.  


I started creating unique pieces of Huichol art in mezcal bottles. I gathered a group of artisans near Jalisco, designed our first bottles and shipped them to Oaxaca to be refilled. We had some logistics problems and decided to change the mezcal for tequila in Jalisco. 

And that's how Colección México was born. We tell through our bottles the history of each of the states of our country highlighting the work of Mexican artisans and Mexican distillers.  

We pay tribute to our tradition and we help our country continue to grow and improve.  

Thanks to you who are reading this, for being part of this story!  

Mariana Mendoza

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